[FA] failedarchitecture workshop

Laden wir failedarchitecture ein für einen Workshop in Graz oder Wien.


Welche Orte fallen euch da ein, die mal analysieren könnte?





Failed Architecture aims to open up perspectives on urban failure, from what it’s perceived to be, what is actually happening and how it’s represented to the public. FA believes that there is a demand for more holistic, 360-degree observations that lay bare the downsides of urban development and architecture instead of just looking at the physical results produced by architects. Next to an ongoing online exploration and live lectures and debates, FA conducts research workshops on site.


These have been carried out in a variety of cities, amongst which Berlin, Nottingham, Sofia, Tallinn, Porto, Copenhagen, Budapest and Belgrade.


The aim of the workshop is to understand the context and path-dependency of a particular building, neighbourhood or urban phenomenon (i.e. vacancy, social unrest, speculation), that is considered to be problematic.